Free Summertime Activities For Kids?

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Does anyone have some good ideas for things I can do FOR FREE with my kiddos this summer? We’re really trying to budget, but I also want to give them a very memorable and enjoyable summer off of school. We currently have a lot of plans to go swimming at a lake, fishing, hiking, camping, and do a lot of baking, reading, and outdoor science activities. Other recommendations would be really appreciated!

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-raise and release butterflies
-go bug catching
-do nature scavenger hunts
-go geocaching
-press wildflowers
-go to local free family activities
-go to the library
-have movie nights at rhymes home
-make bubbles with dish soap and water
-set up a lemonade stand
-have playdates with friends and neighbors
-do a barbeque

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If you like crafts there are a lot of neat ones you can do. You can always color with crayons, pencils, parkers, watercolors, or acrylic paints. You can make body paint with shaving cream and food coloring. You can make bird feeders with pine cones, peanut butter, and bird seed. You can also make blanket forts or tree tents with sheets! That’s one of my favorite activities.

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I know it isn’t free, but you can always find lots of neat things at the Dollar Tree for only $1! They have craft kits and summer toys. They have things like chalk, pool toys, and garden supplies. You could get some flower seeds and a shovel and plant a garden. That would keep you busy all summer.

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You could volunteer at different places like

  • a community garden
  • a kids sports program
  • an animal shelter
  • animal rescue programs
  • the zoo
  • botanical gardens
  • a soup kitchen
  • a non-profit thrift store
  • the special Olympics
  • little league teams
  • arts festivals
  • community fairs
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Do fun things with your pets! If you have a dog you can take them to the dog park, go on walks around the neighborhood, or take them to pet-friendly stores like Petco, Cabelas, Bass Pro Shop, PetSmart, Pet Sense, and Hobby Lobby. If you have a cat you can get chasing toys and play with them. You can buy harnesses for small pets and bring them on trips into the yard- or redecorate aquariums and terrariums.

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