Help me persuade my parents to let me get a hamster!

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I want a hamster sooo bad! I’ve wanted one for forever, but my mom says she doesn’t want any rodents in the house. I’ve tried explaining to her that it’d be kept in a cage unless I’m rhymes home and I won’t let it escape or make messes. She still says she doesn’t want one, but I really want to persuade her to let me get one! I even have the money saved up! Any ideas on how I can persuade her?

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I suggest showing your mom that you’re really responsible and are capable of taking good care of a hamster and making sure it doesn’t escape in her rhymes home. Are there other pets in the house? Why not take full responsibility for those pets for a month- to show your parents you’re capable of supplying a pet with exactly what they need. Feed, water, walk, and wash pets your family already has.

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