How to Beat Loneliness

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Loneliness is a sad thing. You are separated, with nobody around. Read further to learn how to overcome this negative feeling.

1) Determine the cause of your loneliness. Is it because you’re confined in some way, whether it be a jail cell or prison even being grounded? Are you feeling lonely because of a bad break up or the death of a loved one? Is it because of a lack of an intimate relationship? Is it social loneliness which often occurs due to the lack of friends or companions. Is it because you are not yet a part of your community?

2) Tackle that reason. Think about anything other than your loneliness. Loneliness and depression often go hand to hand and depression occurs from lack of activities that you avoid doing. You can get your mind away from those things by simply jogging and letting your mind travel in that time-space of exercise, Picture yourself in a happier place. Listening to music while jogging, just listening to music or reading a book also helps. Transporting yourself mentally into another place, another time by using your imagination is key.

3) Talk to someone about it. It’s now time to face your loneliness instead of avoiding thinking about it. Most people jump this step because they’re not ready to talk or even see anyone’s face. During this time, put simply, talking to someone about this problem, ignoring the fact that it is controlling your life can make a huge difference.

4) Don’t sleep too much. Many people try to beat loneliness with too much sleep, expecting it to go away but that can make you depressed. Sunlight is your best friend. Noticing small things like air and light can keep your mind busy. Working out is also great because it diverts your mind towards a different direction. Your enemies during loneliness are TV, sleep, over-eating, all of which will lead you into depression.

5) Meet someone new. This doesn’t mean start being super friendly but meeting someone can be anything from buying a dog to going on a date. Pets are wonderful to have because they help you through all the steps. They will keep you feeling up and will help you exercise, so you don’t think about your problem. Most pets will even help you cope with your loneliness. Any companion would do but if it’s a human being, that’s just a bonus.

6) Stay away from drugs. That could mean avoiding anything from cocaine to even energy drinks or coffee. Now it is okay to drink coffee so you can stay awake longer, but don’t overdo it. You need some sleep, at least 8 hours. Stay away from anything that will make you remember anything sad or bad once you have faced your loneliness. You don’t have to keep reminding yourself; just know it’s there and you can go on with your life. Even try to forget about everything: the more your mind is clear the better.

7) Go to a social place. It could be school, a place where there is physical activity, e.g. the gym and talk to at least one person. It could be the guy working at 7 11 or a hot girl/guy at the club. You have to talk just for 30 seconds everyday and practice this at least 3 times a week.

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